Introduction to Vinyasa Yoga

This class is taught by:

Sarah Stanley

Sarah Stanley, Studio Manager, RYT - 200 
Sarah came to The Great State of Alabama after growing up in Metro Atlanta. She is a wife and mother to two daughters. While pregnant with her first, she found yoga and has continued her practice through her second pregnancy and onto this day. Sarah loves vinyasa yoga for the flow, the linking of breath with movement. She loves a big transition and finding the poses between the poses. "I adore new students! They tend to come in a bit hesitant, but teaching them and seeing them get comfortable and watching the light bulbs go off over their heads is just fantastic!" Sarah teaches a class that moves and flows, but also is conscientious of alignment and proper form. You'll love her class if it's your 1st or 101st, because she takes students step by step through postures to reach a peak pose, allowing a place for each student to work. With Sarah, you'll get a class that is fun, open, physically challenging, and with a little yogic philosophy sprinkled on top to help you through your practice and out into the world.
Are you, or someone you know, new to yoga or interested in beginning a yoga practice, but too intimidated to make that first step? Do you think you aren't flexible enough? Not strong enough? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then please join us for Sarah's Introduction to Vinyasa Yoga Workshop. Sarah is truly gifted at making new yogis feel comfortable while empowering them with the best foundational knowledge necessary to building a solid vinyasa yoga practice.

We'll cover the basics of yoga history, sun salutations, vinyasas, bandhas,and alignment of basic poses in a relaxed and open environment. Bring any and all questions.