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The Yoga Room opened in January of 2016 and is located in Auburn, AL. It is primarily a vinyasa studio, but also offers Yin Yoga and Pound. Rockout. Workout. With 20+ classes offered 6 days a week, you are sure to find options that meet your needs and work with your schedule. All ages and all body types are not only welcome, but encouraged to practice with us.

Elizabeth Shannon, Studio Owner, Vinyasa Yoga Teacher, RYT-200, POUND Pro

Elizabeth is originally from Monroeville, AL. She moved to Auburn in 2001 and graduated Auburn University in 2004. She is married to Auburn native, JM Shannon and they have two sons. She first came to yoga as a complimentary workout to running, but quickly found that yoga was the complete package.

“Yoga not only provides cardio, strengthening, and increased flexibility, it also teaches you how to focus your mind and stay grounded. That’s something we could all use in our hectic, daily lives.”

She loves teaching vinyasa flows that are on the slower side as moving slowly not only builds crazy strength, it also allows a deeper mind/body connection. You can also expect killer playlists because if she was not a yoga teacher, she would be a world renowned wedding dj.

Sarah Stanley, Studio Manager, RYT - 200 
Sarah came to The Great State of Alabama after growing up in Metro Atlanta. She is a wife and mother to two daughters. While pregnant with her first, she found yoga and has continued her practice through her second pregnancy and onto this day. Sarah loves vinyasa yoga for the flow, the linking of breath with movement. She loves a big transition and finding the poses between the poses. "I adore new students! They tend to come in a bit hesitant, but teaching them and seeing them get comfortable and watching the light bulbs go off over their heads is just fantastic!" Sarah teaches a class that moves and flows, but also is conscientious of alignment and proper form. You'll love her class if it's your 1st or 101st, because she takes students step by step through postures to reach a peak pose, allowing a place for each student to work. With Sarah, you'll get a class that is fun, open, physically challenging, and with a little yogic philosophy sprinkled on top to help you through your practice and out into the world.
Hadley is originally from Graceville, FL. She came to Auburn in 2013 to pursue her nursing degree, fell in love with the town and never left. She came to The Yoga Room in 2017 as a student, and quickly fell in love with the studio as a whole, and with Pound as a cardio counterpart to her yoga practice. Hadley began teaching Pound in January 2018.

“What I love most about Pound is the way it truly is for any age, any stage. It meets you right where you are, whatever your age or fitness level may be, and provides you with the opportunity to take care of yourself, and hopefully have a lot of fun while you’re doing it!”

Her goal is to make her classes a place where students can let loose, not take themselves too seriously, and feel empowered by the music and the work their body is doing.

Emily is originally from Headland, AL. She is married to McKinley Bass and is a first grade teacher. Emily started doing Pound in the summer of 2017 and fell in love with it. She loves Pound because it is a fun, energizing cardio jam session for all body types and all ages. No matter what you come into Pound with, you’ll leave smiling and ready for more.
Rachelle attended her first yoga class in 2012 and was immediately intrigued. She became more serious about her practice when she moved to Auburn in 2015 and completed her 200-hr Yoga Alliance approved teacher training in 2017 at Yogafly studio. Since that time, she has shared her passion for yoga by teaching both high school and college students, as well as children and adults with disabilities. Rachelle is a high school special education teacher and a mom to two adult daughters. She firmly believes that the practice of yoga can be both physically and emotionally applicable and beneficial to all persons. Her vinyasa flow class focuses on basic postures with emphasis on building awareness of the breath and body. Her classes are moderately-paced and designed to be appropriate for both beginning and continuing level students.
Christina Kirby, RYT - 200

Christina has been a yoga teacher since 2013. While she practices various forms of yoga as an eternal student, she loves teaching Yin Yoga because she believes it provides a divine way to balance the busy, burning energy that dominates our lives. "Yin is the other half of the physical element of yoga and in order to truly access all the benefits of asana, it should be a part of every yogi's practice." Christina designs her classes making sure they are accessible for ALL bodies and ALL levels of experience. 

Christina is also a mom, a wicked number cruncher, and closet hippie.

Trudi Hawke, RYT-200
Trudi first sought out yoga after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2010. Encouraged and empowered by how the vinyasa practice helped to counter her physical limitations, as well as its ability to enhance the connection between, mind, body and spirit, she completed her 200-hr Yoga Alliance approved teacher training in 2013 at Yogafly Studio.
Trudi has been teaching vinyasa yoga for nearly 5 years and continues to serve the community through private group sessions and workshops. Her classes are physical, informative and often playful with a dose of inspiration. She believes wholeheartedly in the physiological benefits of yoga, and that it is one of the best tools for each of us to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves.
Sonoma Rohrbaugh

Sonoma is originally from Sonoma County, CA. and Charlottesville, VA., but she has lived in Auburn since 2004 with her husband and 4 children.

"I first came to yoga in 2012 as a supplement to my regular gym routine, but very quickly realized that yoga, specifically vinyasa flow yoga, was what I wanted to do everyday. Forever."

She's had an almost daily practice since then and in the summer of 2015, went through a teacher training program with Cori Martinez of Asha Yoga to become a 200-hour certified teacher.

"I believe yoga can be silly and playful while also being deeply fulfilling both mentally and physically."

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